The six-piece outfit went swiftly from being a college sensation to the next big thing on the Indian Independent rock circuit. Having honed their sound by playing gigs across the country at various venues, the band’s live performances are power packed and hard hitting; complete with dual harmonies, big choruses, massive guitar sounds and a super tight rhythm section that takes their audience on a sonic journey.

Lead Feet Paper Shoes, their full length debut album engages the listener, pushes boundaries and expectations, all while trying to set a new standard for music produced in the Indian independent music scene. ‘If you listen closely to ‘Maniac’, you would realize that the band has cracked the code to ensuring they are a success both on stage and on record’ – Rolling Stone India.

Spud In The Box has performed at the biggest festivals in India such as NH7 Weekender, Ragasthan, Red Bull Tour Bus to name a few. They even went on a north-east India Tour after releasing their debut album.

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