Mixtape & The Quarter announces New Gig series Dedicated to Experimental music

The Fringe At The Quarter will showcase music that pushes existing boundaries and genre definitions – an exploration of artists who infuse traditional as well as non-traditional ways to create music that is a hybrid of contrasting styles. Taking place once every two months, we aim to stage an inclusive music listening experience for the audience through this night. The Fringe At The Quarter launches on the 10th of May 2018 featuring one of the most impressive producer-drummer duos from Bangalore, Nikhil Narendra + Shreyas Dipali, and Sparkle & Fade (live).

Befitting the night’s ethos, Nikhil Narendra (synths, samples) and Shreyas Dipali (drums) embrace the different musical worlds that surround them to create modern experimental music.

Sparkle & Fade is a musical exploration of 20-year-old Bombay based producer Palash Kothari. With layers of samples, celestial reference points and delicate production, Sparkle & Fade live is a real delight.