Logeshen Moorgan aka Fourmi Rouz is a DJ, broadcaster, and curator from the subtropical island of Mauritius. With recent publications on Trax Magazine, The Ransom Note, and Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel, Fourmï Rouz has consolidated his reputation as one of the most avant-garde trendsetting artists in the region.

Logeshen’s seminal work began in his teenage years when his innate musical taste combined with prolific digging skills triggered a wave of musical discovery and inspiration amongst his Mauritian peers – several of whom have since become firmly established international DJs. Through this original group of friends, the electrocaine audiovisual collective was born, fuelled by a revolutionary desire to bring the musical revelation to the people. Soon, the legendary ‘Sound Of’ outdoor parties kicked off, spearheading the original counter-culture movement against the commercial club culture of the time.

Currently, he is working towards creating regional artistic collaborations amongst the islands of the Indian Ocean, aiming to preserve, revamp and disseminate their unique musical heritage throughout the world. His efforts have led the way for partnerships with the likes of Nickodemus, Lefto, and Simbad.

With portentous performances at Le Sucre (Portugal), Trans Musicales Festival (France), Jodhpur Riff (India) along with an extensive touring schedule that has seen him perform in Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, the UK, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal,  Logeshen is at the turning point of his career as an artist and a globetrotter, living from and for his passion.