One of the biggest names in the game, Naezy is a Mumbai based rapper who dabbles in Hindi and Urdu lyrics and rose to fame because of his impressive flow and slang-inflected rhymes. He intertwines his signature brand of lyrics and compositions to highlight the problems that exist in the city’s ghettos and to resonate with the outrage felt by the country’s youth with regard to class & culture barriers, religious differences, failing education systems and the dearth of economic opportunities provided by the system.

In April 2015, In April 2015, Naezy took the country by storm with his definitive hit ‘Mere Gully Mein’ from the movie Gully Boy in collaboration with fellow Mumbai rapper Divine and Sez, which racked up around 2 million views on YouTube and became a viral hit. The 2019 Indian feature film Gully Boy was inspired by his real-life story, and it was 2019’s third highest-grossing Bollywood film worldwide, and the year’s highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas.

Naezy is one of the most complete rappers in the Indian hip hop landscape. Apart from the fire rap verses, he’s also been known to be able to craft equally crazy and catchy hooks for his tracks as well.