Three Oscillators is a project that consists of Brij Dalvi (21) and Avit Rane (17). They make whatever comes to mind, usually resulting in songs that either have you grooving to the melody and the occasional arp, or leave your legs aching till the next morning.

2016 provided Three Oscillators enough time to create some of their finest works so far, including Extant, which was featured on one of the country’s leading indie record labels, Lowlit, as a contest winner. 2017 saw Three Oscillators play their first few gigs in places like antiSOCIAL Mumbai,Raasta Bombay and Bonobo among others. They are also a part of jwala, a newly-formed artist collective based out of Mumbai where they put out some tunes intermittently on jwalas monthly compilations.

They released their debut EP Transcendence in early October 2017, which has since been featured on sites like The Bangin Beats and The Orijinal.